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GovTransformer: Department of Homeland Security’s New Fed Cyber Mandates

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a mandate requiring agencies to use new email and web security guidelines to prevent malicious attacks.

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Virtualization and Meeting the ‘Cloud First’ Promise

The cloud comes to life -- all signs are starting to point in the right direction with regards to federal agencies meeting the Cloud First mandates.

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Federal IT Leaders: Lift and Shift Your Workloads to the Cloud

Oracle Public Sector discusses how federal agencies can more easily "lift and shift" to the cloud without losing functionality and responsiveness.


GovTransformer: John Zangardi Appointed to CIO Position at DHS

John Zangardi will take over the reins as the new DHS CIO – bringing in a senior IT leader with deep expertise and domain knowledge.
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Latest Innovations to Support New VA Telehealth Initiatives

GovTransformer insights into solutions from Govsphere that can potentially support new VA telehealth initiatives.
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A Better Way for Government to Procure IT Services

The Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act continued its long and winding road through the federal legislative process.
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Top GovTransformers for 2017

Ranked on overall readership, the definitive list of the “Top Ten GovTransformers” for 2017 shines a light on government leaders for this year.
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