Welcome to GovTransformer. Never before have there been so many new, transformational technologies affecting government. The delivery of government service is being transformed, powered by new technology. Agencies need the right partners to help them deploy innovative IT to more efficiently support operations and mission success.

We launched GovTransformer to provide a forum for insights and best practices that enable government agencies to harness new IT more effectively and better serve citizens. So much is changing – hardware is moving from on premises to the cloud, end user licenses are going to SaaS, CapEx is becoming OpEx, employees are going from stationary to mobile.

In this changing environment, agencies need partners who do more than push product – they need solution providers. Proven paths to success are starting to emerge, and we aim to highlight them here on GovTransformer.

The dialogue on GovTransformer will be richer with your participation, so please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or suggest any topics relevant to your government IT challenges. We want to hear from you!