The editorial mission behind GovTransformer is to shine a light on federal agencies, government executives, and industry leaders that effectively leverage innovation in transformative ways. And once again, new advances in government technology helped many agencies further advance their missions – especially with regards to the cloud and cybersecurity – in 2017.

For our flagship end-of the-year story, we offer our definitive list of the “Top Ten GovTransformers” for 2017. All of these posts were ranked based on readership and overall interest from our readers.

We hope you enjoy.

  • #10 – DISA’s Former CTO to Help Juniper Drive Next-Wave of Federal Innovation: In April 2017, Juniper Networks announced that it hired David Mihelcic as head of federal technology and strategy. Most recently, he served as the CTO at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).
  • #9 – Naval Academy Trains Next-Gen Cyber Warriors: It’s no secret that the current and future battlefield rests in the cyber arena. By training every midshipmen in cybersecurity, the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) has made this mission a key priority.
  • #8 – Better Suicide Prevention Technologies for Veterans: The Patient Case Manager (PCM) solution from DSS, Inc. and Iconic Data leverages the power of software, standardized workflows and data visualization tools to help prevent VA patient suicides.
  • #7 – Sue Gordon to be Principal Deputy Director in ODNI: In July 2017, Sue Gordon was tapped to be the Deputy Director in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).
  • #6 – Enhancing Cyber Capabilities on Defensive Ballistic Missiles: With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) – and the potential cyber threats that come with this new arena – the Department of Defense (DoD) is shoring up one area that could be more dangerous than having your Internet-enabled refrigerator being hacked – missile defense.
  • #5 – Supporting the Warfighter with the Oracle DoD Community Cloud: Today’s U.S. military needs to be able to continually leverage innovation to best support mission goals. This requires the use of the most nimble, secure software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that can meet dynamic user needs. This is where the Oracle DoD Community Cloud comes into play.
  • #4 – Department of Defense to Remain Innovative Under Trump: In February 2017, we predicted that DoD programs like the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental and the Army’s Rapid Capabilities Office continues to remain viable – moving money and completing contracts – and is still capturing the attention of industry.
  • #3 – A Deeper Look at Oracle MySQL for Government: As government agencies continually need to enhance and expand services while cutting costs, open source solutions are very timely and effective. The Oracle MySQL Cloud Service brings this vision to life by delivering a secure, cost-effective and enterprise-grade MySQL database service.
  • #2 – Seven Steps to Highly Effective Government IT: In February 2017, with the new Trump administration on board, this post offered detailed analysis about the new government IT landscape in this new era.
  • #1 – Department of Defense Releases Electronic Warfare Strategy: The DoD’s new electronic warfare strategy offers this vision: “Agile, adaptive and integrated electronic warfare to offensively achieve [electromagnetic spectrum] superiority across the range of military operations.

Do you have any stories to share about IT transformation happening at your agency? GovTransformer wants to hear from you! Happy 2018!