With the rise of federal cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), today’s government networks have to contend with a wide-range of vulnerabilities. As such, today’s networks need to be fully resilient to continue any agency or military organizations’ mission — despite disruptions to the overall IT enterprise.

The key is staying one step-ahead of cyber adversaries, but this has always been much easier said than done.  For example, since 1996, Congress has passed more than 50 laws that address cybersecurity, which many point to as a challenging track record when it comes to outcomes.

Further reinforcing this track record is the highly publicized Office of Personnel Management (OPM) breach in 2015, which compromised 21.5 million government records. That same year, the government took another hit when hackers gained access to the tax returns of more than 300,000 people.

With so many laws in place, and ongoing breaches, the biggest question is: why are we consistently one-step-behind the cyber criminals?

Thankfully, VMware has been blazing a cybersecurity trail by advancing the concept of  “Zero Trust,” which is a model that prevents common and advanced persistent threats from traversing laterally inside a network. The foundation of this is VMware’s NSX micro-segmentation solution, which brings security into the data center with automated fine-grained policies that are tied to virtual machines.

This allows agencies to leverage network virtualization capabilities that create entire networks in software, an approach that securely isolates networks from each other to deliver a better security model for the data center.

In addition, VMware NSX platform is now integrated with Intel Security’s McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform to give agencies a new class of secure infrastructure that detects and protects against a rapidly evolving threat landscape while reducing cost and complexity.

For developing a new paradigm in network security, we are naming VMware as this week’s GovTransformers. Stay tuned for our ongoing coverage of other federal executives and their agencies, as well as industry members, that are truly transforming how they support mission goals through the most effective use of IT.