Earlier this month, President Trump issued an executive order creating the American Technology Council, which aims to help federal government to transform and modernize its information technology and how it uses and delivers digital services.

From advising on technology policy to coordinating “the vision strategy, and direction for the federal government’s use of information technology (IT),” the American Technology Council offered a preview into the Trump administration’s take on the value of government IT.  For example, cybersecurity will be a priority with the executive order stating that there will be more openness when it comes to sharing cyber threat information.

Former Federal CIO Tony Scott praised the idea for showing that technology modernization “is a priority from the administration,” and he recalled a similar effort under the Obama administration.

However, others are saying that the role of the American Technology Council is not clear. A recent Engadget article pointed this out:

The biggest concern with the order is that it reads incredibly vague. Parsing what this group is and what it will do is difficult given how open-ended the Council’s description is written.

Although he had some praise for the executive order, Tony Scott also offered his take on the lack of clarity of this effort in a recent Washington Technology article:

“There’s no lack of advice or recommendations. Everybody has an opinion about how to go fix things,” he said. “I think the challenge for any team is, how do you take those and translate to solid policy and programs and budgets, and how do you get momentum going that makes meaningful change in a reasonable period of time?”

It’s obvious that government IT modernization is a priority for the administration, which many industry members will applaud. However, the biggest question is what does this mean for the future of the federal technology arena?  The GovTransformer team welcomes your thoughts, comments and insights as we continue to chart the developments of the American Technology Council.