There are always the early trailblazers in government that embrace the latest innovations in ways that serve as a case study for other agencies.

A prime example is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an agency continually on the forefront.  In fact, for its early adoption of the cloud, last week, the FCC was selected as a 2017 CIO 100 honoree, the second time the agency has earned the global accolade under the leadership of Chief Information Officer David Bray.

In 2015, we ran a GovTransformer story about how the FCC announced its “all in” strategy for the cloud. This included a dual-pronged effort to physically move servers out of FCC’s current headquarters while modernizing current and future applications for cloud use. Fast-forward to today and his year’s award recognizes the agency’s sustained and successful shift.

“It’s truly a team honor,” Bray told FCW.  “We don’t have anything at all on-prem at this point … an eighth year of no budget increase, we’re showing we can still do things.”

Bray is bringing is cloud-forward vision to the entire U.S. government by chairing the GSA’s Federal Cloud Center of Excellence. “We showed that we could fund additional IT on a flat budget,” Bray added in the FCW article. “Now the push is to demonstrate that other agencies can do that too. If the government put a man on the moon in less than nine years, surely we can get 75 percent of systems to the cloud in 2.5 years.”

Moving forward, Bray plans on issuing a cloud playbook this summer, where recommendations will be provided to inform future government-wide cloud policies.

For being the driving force of the government to effectively adopt the cloud, we are naming David Bray as this week’s GovTransformer. Stay tuned for our ongoing coverage of other federal executives and their agencies that are truly transforming how they support mission goals through the most effective use of IT.