Dramatic shifts between presidential administrations means major government leadership changes at all levels. Often the incumbents reflect the political ideologies of the new President-elect, which leaves the outgoing agency heads in a challenging situation.

Do they bide their time until their tenure is over? Or, do they advocate that their good work continue? For outgoing Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Shaun Donovan, it’s definitely the latter.

According to a recent FCW article, Donovan issued his exit memo, which urged his successor to continue the federal government’s work on IT modernization and maintain its emphasis on shared services, new paths to procurement, and digital services.

“It will be critical for OMB’s Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer to continue to drive significant changes in governance, budgeting, financing, monitoring, and policymaking practices to most effectively support modernization and digitalization work across government on an ongoing basis,” said Donovan in the memo.

Donavan’s proposed successor is Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), who does not have a background in IT, and may have an interest in cutting spending, outsourcing to the private sector and shrinking the federal workforce by attrition – according to the FCW article.

A key message behind Donovan’s letter was that the OMB’s many IT initiatives have helped to “produce a smarter, savvier, and more effective government for the American people.” He also stated that the Obama administration’s approach to tech and IT modernization saved nearly $4.7 billion over the past eight years.

He also advocated for the continuation of the building Digital Service capabilities, as well as leveraging more cloud-based service offerings, which are common in the commercial world.

For advocating that the U.S. government stay the course when it comes to IT, we are naming outgoing OMB Director Shaun Donovan as this week’s GovTransformer. Stay tuned for our ongoing coverage of other federal executives and their agencies that are truly transforming how they support mission goals through the most effective use of IT.