In turns out that the path to supporting President Obama’s Digital Government Strategy – when it comes to mobility – is very bifurcated for federal agencies.

According to a recent GAO report, and highlighted in FCW, while many agencies have developed their own wireless services and capabilities, others rely on the General Services Administration (GSA) for support.

The report showed that the Department of Transportation, FEMA and the National Weather Service have leveraged the support of the OMB and the GSA for making site websites more mobile-friendly.

On the other side of the coin are the Department of Interior, the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the FCC – all of which sought outside assistance for enhancing their mobility efforts to meet the Digital Government Strategy mandates.

The critical overall takeaway is that the report showed all 24 agencies have made efforts to meet these mobility mandates.  As FCW highlighted, all have identified two or more services to be optimized for mobile use.

The findings of this study reinforces recent discussions from a GovTransformer podcast with Tom Suder, President and Founder of Mobilegov, which points to key success in government mobility.

For example, Suder discussed how, while there is a perception that the commercial sector is well ahead of government when it comes to effectively embracing mobile solutions, this is not the reality.

Federal agencies are clearly taking multiple paths to enhance their mobility efforts – whether for optimizing their workforces or making their websites more friendly for mobile devices.

2015 will clearly be a year when mobility comes to the forefront for federal agencies and GovTransformer will continue its coverage of new approaches and innovations as they happen.