One of the most significant challenges on the battlefield is gaining full situational awareness in real time.  While our military has hit many innovation milestones for achieving situational awareness during missions, it has never been fully realized – until now.

The U.S. Navy is developing cloud and big data tools that would allow a commander aboard a ship to view a dashboard that tracks everything happening during a mission in real time.

Never before has our U.S. military been able to leverage real-time battlefield data in ways that anticipate changes in conditions and predict potential outcomes.  By combining cloud, big data and cross-domain technologies, this will be possible in the very near future.

According to Defense Systems, the Office of Naval Research is looking to integrate the Naval Tactical Cloud Reference Implementation with analytics tools and an interface to provide real-time views of all data relevant to a situation.

In addition, the Navy is trying to achieve this in cost effective ways that don’t require new “infrastructure, systems, tools or middleware.”  It is also driving down procurement costs by running this cloud project in conjunction with efforts to develop a big data system focusing on anti-submarine warfare and integrated air/missile defense.

This effort is a prime example of having a transformative vision that can be brought to life in highly cost-effective ways. The Department of Defense continues to face the challenge of dealing with fewer resources in a world where mission requirements are ever increasing.

This effort by the U.S Navy is a prime example of how it is actually possible to do much more with less.