The success of our national security posture hinges on being able to develop and implement the most innovative IT solutions and strategies. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is often at the forefront of dealing with the most significant challenges and as such, is continually in a state of transformation.

This is why GovTransformer has compiled the top five transformations that are happening at DHS right now:

  1. A “Unity of Effort” Approach: DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson recently issued a memo to the senior leadership at the agency entitled “Strengthening Departmental Unity of Effort,” which establishes the strategic objective of making DHS “greater than the sum of its parts.” The effort includes reviewing acquisition directives, harmonizing analytic capabilities, and developing a new security framework.
  1. The Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP): Committed to combating Heartbleed-like attacks, DHS has launched SWAMP, which is a web-based portal to assist software developers in vetting weaknesses in code that hackers can exploit.
  1. Planning Communication Network Upgrades: DHS and its various agencies are moving to upgrade all of their communications networks over the next 12 months with the goals of improving security and increasing efficiency.
  1. Transforming Mobile Security: By working with 21 other agencies to craft a secure mobile computing platform, David Carroll, Chief Security Architect at DHS, was able to craft a mobile and wireless security baseline and meet a Digital Government Strategy deadline. This effort resulted in Carroll recently being named a Fed 100.
  1. Effectively Sharing and Protecting Citizen Data: A recent DHS report on how it shares and protects citizens’ personal information drew significant praise from the American Civil Liberties Union for effectively safeguarding and using this information.

In an era where it is all too easy to point the finger at government, DHS continues to seek innovative ways for supporting mission requirements in a time when the federal government is experiencing significant budget challenges.

Did we miss any other recent DHS transformations? As always, we welcome thoughts, comments and feedback from our readers.