The ultimate transformative creature in nature is the butterfly. From starting out as a caterpillar to becoming one of nature’s more poetically revered species, the process of metamorphosis is fascinating and serves as the ideal metaphor for human and organizational transformation.

While there is still a level of mystery regarding the cellular changes that happen to caterpillars during metamorphosis, for humans, we have more of a simple roadmap we can work towards to achieve transformation.

Here are the five ways that humans can achieve true transformation:

  1. Get Your Head Right/Figure Out the Problem: Knowing the problem or what needs to be changed is half the battle. This can be achieved by making a list about the aspects of yourself you would like to change. From there, it is recommended that you create a one-sentence mission statement to reinforce this effort.
  1. Train Your Brain: They say that true change comes from within, and this can be achieved by training your brain in the right way. The reality is that we are often not the people who we think we are. For example, as a child, if your parents labeled you as being the “shy one,” this may have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. To overcome this, you need to shift the way you perceive yourself.
  1. Expect Disruption: Rather than being thrown off by disruption, it is best to expect and even embrace it. The path to change will come with many hurdles. Just by preparing for disruption, these issues will be easier to overcome and they will seem like small speed bumps in your rear-view mirror.
  1. Expect Failure: As any successful entrepreneur can tell you, the path to success is paved with small failures. Again, the key is expecting that failure will happen early on in this process, and you need to be able to dust yourself off, learn from the experience, and move past these challenges.
  1. Prevent Backsliding: Once you have reached the desired transformation, there is no time to rest on your laurels. Preventing a backslide will take a high level of commitment and a maintenance-like approach to ensure that bad habits don’t rear their ugly little heads.

With the right level of persistence and positive attitude, anyone can undergo a true and lasting transformation.

In the meantime, if you need some additional inspiration to take the transformational plunge, check out the butterfly life cycle (metamorphosis) song below.